An Audible Vibration

The Yogi tells me that sound, according to certain teachings, is related to a person’s spiritual development.

Since hearing this, I have become more attentive to the bright, static-laden background vibration which is audible to almost every one of us during moments of silence.

It has been said that this vibration is the sound of one’s own nervous system.

Whatever the source of the sound may be, it is continuously audible.  While walking along the street, I can hear it over the sound of a car engine, over the noise of the street.  Once the car has passed, or the noise has subsided, the sound becomes even clearer.

I find this phenomenon both beautiful and strange, and it causes me to remember moments in my life when the sound became deafening, when my mind could not interpret it, and so formed it into words, or into sensation, into temperature, to keep me from losing my sanity…

…which is perhaps the same thing as insanity.

I mean this in the same way that a fever, the heat of the body fighting sickness, is sickness itself.

The yogi tells me that the spiritual passage can only occur through madness, or “calamity.”

(A Footnote: The word ‘calamity’ here is borrowed from U.G. Krishnamurti, who used it to describe a particular experience he underwent, after which he disavowed enlightenment, and claimed that there was only an ‘animal state.’)




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