Dear Sailor

Dear Sailor,

Late at night, when I am alone, there comes a moment, at the threshold of coming, when you flash across my mind.  Then, if only for an instant, my body, my hands and arms, my skin and sense of smell, all of me, knows what it is to be with you…inside of you, my hands wrapped around your body.  And if you are alone, and asleep, with your mind adrift in dreams, you will feel the message as a sigh, a soft sensation, a memory of me, passing through your body.  You will remember me, feel me, feel this pleasure in your body.

We will communicate in this way, from far away, without words, without sight or sound.  When I come, you will know.  From thousands of miles away, I will call you with my come-cry…and you will think of me.  And you will do the same.

This will be our secret.





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