Skinny Haley

Comet in a shed

Sacred of shadows

Under twenty deep

Huffing is shallow,

Your stomach

Is empty you can

Work more later

Gallon can, Gas can

Cheap for a hater,

Yank on the ripcord

Yellow grass landing

If you go back-in

Your depression is handy,


Ask me out camping

Found myself out

Baby Now

That you’re happy,

Weeds grow higher

Look tall in the shadow,

Come down/Kiss me

These years’ll

Run fallow

(A Footnote:  The doggerel form of these verses was inspired by Kurt Cobain’s writing for Incesticide and In Utero.  I began writing punk verses in this form in 2010, and recorded them in notebooks dating 2010-2011.  Now I am adding to this collection of verses, and posting the new work here.  The work is dedicated to Thom Hunt.)

(Front Door: Enter  Sideways, Haley Minwood, or Happenstance into the search bar.)


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