As if Pachyderms Could Talk

We didn’t plan it this way

with the animal heads

staring out from on high,

all of our mistakes killt

and nailed up so they could

stare back, as if

pachyderms could talk.

What the fuck do you

think the answer is to

life?  Certainly not

poaching in Africa.

But I can tell you, too,

and this is a fact,

that not one of them

was shot.  This bar stands

on a private

preserve, and all those

animals died of old age,

lightning strikes.


They won’t nail us

up when we’re dead,

my friend.  Hell no,

we’ll burn, in a tall

tall fire, which, if anyone

cares to witness, will

be an episode of honor:

chaotic, weird,

hotter than blood.


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