Guilty Dirty Jesus

We pulled the bed apart

There was nothing inside it

I don’t like it

When you whimper

In my eyes

I can’t hide it

Those bills

Were so old

Rolled up so silent

Where are you hiding

B’side myself

I’m so quiet

Dirt under nails

Under guilty dirty Jesus

Pulling up the floorboards

He is for leaving

I forgive you God

I know you can’t see me

I need what I need

What I need please

Believe me


(A Footnote:  These lines were created in a doggerel form inspired by Kurt Cobain’s writing for Incesticide and In Utero.)

(Front Door: Enter We turned or Sideways into the search bar.)


5 responses to “Guilty Dirty Jesus

  1. Love the poem. But I’m tripping out. Did we really make our backgrounds on our blogs upside down beaches on the same day without knowing, or…? If so, what a freakin’ coincidence! Looks great!

    • I think I started this thing sometime in the second week of March; does that sound right? I haven’t found the upside down beach on your page yet; is it there now?

      • Interesting. I’ve visited your blog quite a few times and never seen it until tonight. The background has always been black for me. It must take a long time to load or something on my internet? I don’t know. I split up my blog today into two and flipped a pic I took on the beach upside down for the bg. Anyway just thought that was a cool little synchronicity. In other news, it’s been a pleasure following your blog, I like how you break things down into sequences one day at a time. Like a long drawn-out journey. Always look forward to your posts. Peace, amigo!

      • I’ve noticed this on other computers; it’s super low contrast, and sometimes it just doesn’t load properly.

        I’m a dancer, so by extension writing is some sort of practice for me; I try to write something every day, even if it’s just a word or two.

        Anyway, thanks for the support; I’m enjoying your stuff, too. It’s good to know there are kindred spirits out there.

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