Second Slug/Second Bullet to the Brain

You, the citizen, will be my whore, and I, America, will be your pimp.  And if you are not a citizen, I will pimp you harder, and the other whores will feel contempt for you, and shake picket signs that mock you, and spit at you in the street, sensing the difference in status which I have authored, and which has nothing to do with them.

You will have checking accounts, and credits, and debits.  And all of these, like my hypodermics, like my talons and hoses, will be inserted into you, and will pull from you.

Just as a pimp skims off a hooker, I, and my houses of commerce, and the merchants and thugs with whom I trade favors, will skim off the people.  And I, like a good pimp, will provide good shelter for my merchants, for it is their due.

And just as a whore forgets her pimp, so shall you forget.  And just as a whore forgets she is a whore, and gets a big head, and becomes a little diva, so shall you, so that when you are most enjoying your ice cream, and your movies, and the soft interior of your car where you are sealed safely in the seclusion of conformity…  Just when you are most happy with your music, and your precious texts, and your french fries and cookies…then you will become a little diva…and you will resent the other prostitutes, and become a vindictive judge, and assume all you have was because of your strength of character, and your efforts, your own hard work and perseverance.  You will judge all other hookers as lazy.  And you will forget me, your pimp, who provides for you.

After all, is not a bank a pimp?

Is not your government, your precious me, America, the King of Pimps?

(For we know America is not a thug…  After all, what slick, well-dressed bully, with his entourage of Movie Stars and Quacks, could qualify as thug….  Would not a thug fight wars outright, battling the BIGGEST enemy head to head, and not launch bombs at his poor, skinny cousins, poorly fed, equipped only with cheap knives?  Would not a thug do his own work, and share his profits with his own?)

But no matter…

You will still forget your work so I can skim.

What’s more, I will aid you in forgetting; I will aid you with beautiful cyberspace, with videos, with sounds.  I will let you say whatever you want, and you, in your bubble (and your babble), will believe that you are free.  You will choose your sandwich, and your movie, and your sody-pop, and speak your mind…

…Just as a hooker will choose her bon bons and speak her “Fuck” whenever her cut of throng displeases her.

Yes, you are brainwashed.

Your cunt, your mind, is mine.


I laugh because I know you will never go without the things a pimp provides: the street you hook on, and a bank for the dirty bills…

And the day you build your bank, your street, you will be a pimp like me, and we will lie down in bed together, and in our blind drunkenness of power, we will never know who is fucking whom.

You will love the street, and the sweat, and the hook; you will love to give your dollars up for free…and this sentiment in you will never change.

You will even love to hate the others for the money’s being taken.

…For you love to be bitter, and to compare.

Ohhh, sister, sister…

I can even say it to you outright…

It is a bullet in your brain which you cannot take away…it is your need to sweat, and to piss your money into pimps, into merchants, into banks; into buckets which I provide for you.

I shot you, and you pee yellow. There is nothing you can do.

This is the second slug.


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