So glad

Please speak soft means

Increase sunshine

You switch green lights you

Blow apart stop-signs

Words touch ears

Turn skins quicksilver

Hearts pump ink

Veins speak or

Turn silver

Like a Mad Hatter I

Forget my bad habits

Washed clean by Alice eye

Saw the ghost rabbits

Solitude’s filthy

‘Cause I got grounded

Rabbit hole in

The sky rabbit

Heart you impounded

So close to the end

So glad that we found it

My rich red root’s

A power that you founded

Love is a skin

Yes membrane affliction

Raw is alone

Without your prediction

You stare in

My eyes in my

Doors there’s a shelter

Panic in my chest in my

Heart’s helter-skelter

You can’t kill me

‘Cause you’ll die:

You’re inside my heart (my

Head’s just a lie)

May I touch your skin

(It forgives all pain);

I’m alone out back

Eyes closed in the rain

(A Footnote:  The doggerel form of these verses was inspired by Kurt Cobain’s writing for Incesticide and In Utero.  I began writing punk verses in this form in 2010, and recorded them in notebooks dating 2010-2011.  Now I am adding to this collection of verses, and posting the new work here.  The work is dedicated to Thom Hunt.)


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