Falling Forward

I stared into the rectangle of light.  It was too bright, and I shut my eyes.

The Yogi was gone, but I could hear his voice.  He spoke quietly in my head.

“Falling of this kind,” he said, “is a physical sensation that occurs within the body.  There are people who call upon redemption to explain it…although this is misperception.  When you’re ready to clear your heart…you’ll want to fall forward.  There will be no obstacle.  It will feel good to you to fall forward into space, and you’ll want to fall forward, as if your sternum could open, like a sail.  This feeling will come over you like a wave.  Surrender is one of the names for it.  And if you want it, if you say, ‘I surrender’, it will never be.  It will happen to you.  It will surprise you.  But don’t begin believing things because of it.  Only remember it is true.”

Still the bright light of the street yielded no detail.  I only knew of the time when I had been in Sailor’s kitchen, and knelt down on her floor, and felt a fool.

(Back Door:  Enter “Reflection” into the search bar.)


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