Verses, 1, Lay Down Gently, 1.725 – 1.7281

1.725  Learn your surroundings.  Create shelter for yourself, and make yourself secure within your shelter.

1.726  Be safe there, and comfortable.  And if there is quiet, and if you become aware…do not be afraid.  Do not be afraid if you feel anger.

1.7261 Anger is a color within the body.  Estimate it as nothing more, and nothing less.

1.7262 The body, like a prism, fragments white light into colors.

1.7263 The body contains colors.

1.7264 If you do feel anger…let fall your anger into bitterness.

1.7265 Let fall your anger into bitterness…

your bitterness into melancholy…

your melancholy into exhaustion…

and your exhaustion into sleep.

1.7266 Sleep, sometimes, is the delicious absence of color, a warm darkness, a cocoon.

1.7262 Do not be afraid of bitterness, so long as it does not harden.  You will descend the staircase; it is only normal.  Only the errorless person feels no bitterness, no regret.  And the errorless person is not human: he is either made of glass…or he is a monster.

1.727  Sleep, sleep, tender one; lay down gently and sleep.  Sleep in a quiet place, with a good bed, with good blankets.  Let yourself be comforted.  Let your mind be restored.

1.7271 If you have a guardian, and she is kind, and strong, be glad, and know it is a blessing; good guardianship is shelter within shelter.

1.7272 If you yourself are guardian, watch over her, and make yourself protector of her solitude, and let her sleep be perfect, and calm.  Even if you are lovers, do this for each other.

1.728  Let them carry you, what dreams may come, and be comforted by their fearsome characters, and learn.  They are your strange assistants, who will perform a stage play, enacting the pathless drama of your self…  They will do you no harm.  They are actors, players whose intentions are correct, players who are personable, and kind.

1.7281 Speak to the players; speak to them when you waken, when the words are silver on your tongue.  Enjoy their company, and benefit…and do not be afraid before you sleep, when you see them in the evening, when you see them in your waking life.


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