rated x, part six

Sailor ran a soft hand down the length of my spine…nestled it where my leg meets my body.  I touched her hair, letting it slip along my hand.  She kissed me, then wrapped my verge securely with her fingers.  Pulling herself toward me, she crawled onto my lap like an animal, facing me, placing my verge between us, relaxing her stomach into mine. I stroked her back softly, and put the palm of my hand over the crown of her head; the warmth  gathered there astonished me.  She kissed me on the lids of my eyes.  I touched my tongue to the under-surface of her upper lip.  She took the tip of my tongue inside her mouth.  We kissed; we sealed our lips together.

I let my hand fall to the back of her neck, and cradled her there.  She arched into my hand.  I kissed her throat.  She hummed with pleasure.  The vibrations of her throat poured into my mouth, my throat, exhilarating me.  She took long breaths; her chest rose and fell against mine.  She grasped my back with her hands.  Again our mouths met, her tongue sought mine.  We kissed in a series of bursts, connecting and letting go, our lips engorged, our eyes closed.

Later we slipped into each other; we fucked.  She glided on me softly, rose and fell steadily, facing me, rocking me, kissing me.

She took a breath in; she paused.  With eyes wide open, like pools of dark color, we stared at each other, as if something were pouring back and forth between us.

What? I asked…not breathing a word.

“Listen,” she said.

The sound of rainfall, hushed and light, gently filled our ears.  It was still raining outside the hollow where we had landed.

I rested, slowed my breathing, listened.  Then she giggled, glided down, contracted. I came, deep inside her; I could not believe how long the moment lasted. She smiled; it was what she had wanted.  Then there was a small, soft burst inside her; I felt its echo through my belly.  Her grip tightened.  She moaned.  I came again, this time with her. Her body turned hard, and then soft again.  Once again we felt that something was pouring back and forth between us.

We kissed again.  We listened to the rain.




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