Three Questions

Should I ask two questions, and you the one…or vice versa, I wondered.

I could hear Sailor’s voice inside my head.  You ask first; then we’ll know how the other two will go.

“How do I know…it’s true love?”

“Look to your beloved,” the cricket said.

Sailor placed her hand lightly on my forearm.  She had done this before, and yet I could not stop what was happening…  A soft tingling sensation washed over my skin, from my arm up to the crown of my head…then down into my genitals, my legs and feet.  My eyes wept…and yet I felt calm, rested.  I listened for Sailor’s voice inside my head.

She closed her eyes slowly, opened them again.  I watched as her eyelashes merged and separated; I saw the colors in her iris, like the colors of a wooden bowl filled with rainwater.

When your lover’s touch reveals your suffering to you, and at once washes it away…as if you’d spent lifetimes of struggle to reach her side, yet only realized your exhaustion at the moment of your arrival.  That is true love.

I brushed tears from my cheeks.

And one will always love the other more; that is the nature of this love.


(A Back Door: Enter Turbulence/The First Touch into the search bar.)


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