Celebrity used to be glamorous, and beautiful.  It used to provoke the public imagination.  It used to be rare.

Now celebrity is all the culture we have left.

Get naked, get sick, get arrested, fall down, overdose, die.  That is the script.  Whoever doesn’t follow it shall not be celebrated.

Now celebrity has absorbed my artistic endeavor.  I do not seek to create work, but a public persona…

Work is only a prop, a means.  All art boils down to wanting to be stared at naked; it is eroticism.  It is what the public wants, and nothing more will be bought or sold…

So I am going to strip.

You are my confessor, my priest.  You are the consumer.  You are the head of my religion.

I want to be celebrated, so I am making a fucking mess. I am confessing everything.  Watch me do it.  There is no other way.


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