In its first sense, “Narc” is an abbreviation for The Narcissist…a person whose concept of self is so expansive, so corrosive, that it crumbles the boundaries between himself and others.

“Narc,” in its second sense, means The Informant…a person who gives information in exchange for his survival.  His access to information requires him to keep his status as an insider, which in turn requires continued existence within the maze.

The duality of Narc’s identity pushes him into a state of conflict…  It is in his nature to destroy the walls of the maze, while his survival depends upon them.

“Narc in the Maze” also posits an apocryphal myth. Here it is not Icarus, but Narcissus, who attempts escape.

It would not be in Narcissus’s nature to fly.  Instead, he would draw others into the maze with him…and use them to escape.


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    • I admit I’ve never read any Ayn Rand… I had to do a bit of research to help me remember the characters I like best (I always remember the characters better than their names), and it’s a motley crew; Frank Gifford, Rodion Raskolnikov, Holden Caulfield, Quentin Compson. My favorites are always underdogs, depraved souls, creators, criminals…

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