I am a dancer, performer, and teacher.

What you see on this page is the first of my public writing, a kind of personal, improvised notebook through which I attempt to define for myself what writing is…

Here, my characters and acquaintances, dreams and observations, past and present, will mingle with events and details from the world at large.

My task will be to force all of these things to co-exist, to clamor for attention in a fragmented, cacophonous reality…



4 responses to “Author

    • I started out with ballet, and then went on a journey, which has led me through all kinds of things: contemporary dance, political theater, opera, various gigs and artistic projects…a typical dancer’s life, I guess. I’m taking a step away from full-time performing, now, to do more teaching, to take time to write, and to try to help other dancers.

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